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Mission Statement

  1 - Provide a DISCIPLINE environment in which players can develop athletically as well as emotionally.

  2 - Provide quality COACHING and instruction.

  3 - Provide a comprehensive NUTRITION program for both on-ice and off-ice environments.

  4 - Provide specialized FITNESS and STRENGTH coaching to prepare player to compete at the highest level.

  5 - Provide a “Professional Level” MENTAL CONDITIONING program to assist players in preparing for hockey as well as “real life” situations.

  6 - Provide player VISIBILTY by actively communicating player’s talents and character to college coaches and pro scouts.

  7 - Expect individual COMMITMENT to compete at the highest level.

  8 - Expect total commitment to EDUCATION and COMMUNITY SERVICE.

  9 - Expect the same level of commitment to EXCELLENCE from our coaches and staff as we do of our players.

10 - Expect every player to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with being a ROLE MODEL for young people in the community and around the country.


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